Nodejsconf in Italy

Last weekend I was at the Node.js conference in Brescia, Italy. Like every year the organizers managed to stage a great conference with really good talks. Even if I was there only for a lightning visit (less than 24 hours between leaving Amsterdam and being back), I had tons of fun and the talks I saw were really top-notch.

As a side note, I’m continually impressed by how much hacker spirit there is in Italy. There was lots of Arduino, BeagleBone boards and the real excitement of building stuff in Node.js that nobody has built before. Check out the talks from Simone Chiaretta or Matteo Collina to see an example of what I mean, when you have some time.

I was a speaker in the conference too, and my talk was about dependency handling and modularization in our codebase. Perhaps not as exciting as ROVs controlled by Node.js but this is one of the important parts of the architecture of Cloud9 IDE, where the ever-growing amount of code and functionality has to be extendable while keeping the dependency graph complexity low.

During my talk I recorded the slides with voice over, and you can see the video below. Unfortunately, the image and the sound of it are in a very low quality, but I think it is enough to get a rough impression of the talk. Hopefully there will be videos of all the conference talks soon!