My talk at DynCon 2011

The video with my talk about Cloud9 IDE at DynCon 2011 is already out! It’s quite long, but definitely worth it if you are interested in the future of the IDE, since I had the chance to answer many questions about it during the talk.

About half of the video contains demo and questions from the audience, as it was quite interactive. Also, I want to thank Peter Svensson for creating such a wildly interesting conference and being a really great host and organizer. It is a very, very hard job that he pulled off amazingly well. This talk was especially interesting to me because although the audience included mainly professional developers, most of them weren’t using JavaScript as their main language (as is often the case in our talks). It was fun to show them the power of JavaScript. And as always when you add people with different backgrounds to a discussion, ideas and good questions quickly started popping up. It was great.

We’re also working hard at getting more languages built in, so hopefully we can have more of these types of discussions in the future, hang in there!

The best part was to see how programmers from all kinds of backgrounds were equally interested in having the advantages of a development platform like Cloud9 on the Cloud. It is incredibly motivating to get approval and excitement from the very audience that we are targeting with Cloud9. As a side note, it is amazing how much our own perception of past events diverges from the real thing. I thought the talk was quite fluent, but I can (painfully) see that I could have used more practice (LOTS of “ums”, especially at the beginning!). Ah well…it was my first big public talk, so I guess this is to be expected :) Still, it’s a talk I’m proud of about a product that I’m proud of. Check it out if you want to see a glimpse of the future of development!! Update: Find the slides for the talk here