Let's say you need to show a scrolling list with millions of rows, or even a reasonably big list with visually complex rows, each one composed by several DOM elements or CSS3 effects. If you try to render this the naive way, for example by appending rows into a DOM container with the CSS overflow property set to scroll (or auto), you will most likely run into performance issues.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest that you take a look at this concept video that made the rounds on the internet some months ago: I would pay to have this in my phone. Only, money wouldn’t help since I own an iPhone, and a developer has simply no way to access an internal component like the phone keyboard.

“But how is it going to beat Android or iOS?” That’s the reaction many people have when I tell them that I am working on Firefox OS, the new mobile operating system from Mozilla. It is a logical reaction. After all, we live in times where every major software company and its mother is releasing a mobile platform, struggling to lure developers into their new proprietary environment, APIs, libraries, etc. And indeed, many of these companies barely make it or don’t make it at all.

A little bit more than two years ago I was sitting on a meeting room, listening to Ruben Daniels and Rik Arends, the two founders of the company I was considering to join, Cloud9 IDE. These were two of the smartest, most inspiring people I’ve met, and they were working hard on a ground-breaking concept: a full-fledged development environment that run in the browser, and in the cloud. At the time, that sounded wildly adventurous, to say the least. But the challenges were so many, the concept so revolutionary and the people so inspiring that I joined the company two weeks after that conversation.

Last weekend I was at the Node.js conference in Brescia, Italy. Like every year the organizers managed to stage a great conference with really good talks. Even if I was there only for a lightning visit (less than 24 hours between leaving Amsterdam and being back), I had tons of fun and the talks I saw were really top-notch.